Why We Cannot Walk Alone?

Music has a unique power to bring people together and dissolve barriers. And yet, for centuries, performing arts institutions have erected obstacles to prevent Black, Indigenous, and other musicians of color from sharing this most profoundly human form of expression.

As we reconcile the wounds of our past, we must create a new cultural future, a world in which everyone with a story to tell or a song to sing has an opportunity to do so in concert halls and opera houses.

Our cultural landscape has always been enriched by creative artists of color. For every Mozart, there was a Chevalier de Saint-Georges; for every Edward Elgar, a Samuel Coleridge-Taylor; for every Amy Beach, a Florence Price. And for every well-known composer of color, there were countless more who would have made the world more beautiful if given a chance without the barriers of racism.

With the third season of our Heart of Humanity concert series, Anima Mundi Productions is taking part in a growing movement to open up long-barricaded spaces and inviting collaboration with performing artists and composers of color. We have missed so much by ignoring the tremendous contributions of our fellow artists. And while we can never reclaim all the beauty and bounty that have been lost over the centuries, we can restore a missing puzzle piece that never should have been excluded in the first place. This is why We Cannot Walk Alone.