Sky and All

Estelí Gomez and Colin Davin in Recital

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Anima Mundi Productions Presents

Sky and All

Soprano Estelí Gomez in recital with Guitarist Colin Davin



The performers also wish to acknowledge:

Lawrence University and Conservatory of Music
Brent Hauer and Alvina Tan, audio and video engineers
Guillermo Gómez, subtitling
Bob Gómez, Spanish translation
Stella Hastings, Portuguese diction Coaching
Poetry readings from The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry

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The second season of our Heart of Humanity concert series celebrates the beauty of our natural world and inspires us to nurture the preciousness of all life on earth. 

As the relationship between humanity and our environment stands at a perilous crossroads, the regenerative power of the arts is more important than ever. Music, poetry, and the visual arts have the unique ability to reconnect us with our hearts, returning us to a state of peaceful equilibrium within ourselves and our community. Only then can we work together in common purpose to become better stewards of our planet. 

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This program is the third of four concert videos

Anima Mundi Productions
gratefully acknowledges our sponsors

Anima Mundi Productions
gratefully acknowledges our sponsors

Anima Mundi Productions gratefully acknowledges the Oregon Legislature, the Oregon Cultural Trust, and the Jackson County Cultural Coalition for the Coronavirus Relief Fund Cultural Support funding that made this video festival possible