Anima Mundi Productions proud to partner with HEX Ensemble, a professional vocal ensemble in LA, to create and record a new choral oratorio based on Oregonians’ experiences of the COVID pandemic called Six Feet Apart: Stories of Resilience and Transformation. We’re collaborating with the Southern Oregon Historical Society to collect and archive a wide range of Oregonians’ experiences.

We want to hear your story

How has the pandemic—or the fires during the pandemic—impacted your life, your family, your work, your relationships, your wellbeing during these past months?

  • You can share your story with us as a written submission, a phone interview, or a photo, video, or piece of art or poetry
  • Stories can be in English or Spanish.
  • No story is too big or small.
  • There’s no required topic, so long as it pertains to how the pandemic has impact your life since March, including during the Oregon fires.

How will my story be used?

1. Most of the stories will be compiled into a public archive and made available online at

2. Some of the stories will be selected for inclusion in the new musical work that we’re creating. Those stories will be depicted in Tiziana DellaRovere’s poetry. We will share the poetry with you before anyone else sees it.

3. The poetry will be set to music and performed by the HEX Ensemble.

When and where will this piece be performed?

Online! Six Feet Apart will be the third concert in our upcoming second season of the Heart of Humanity series, and all three concerts will be released as professional videos. We plan to release Six Feet Apart online on August 29, 2021. Launch event tickets available HERE.

Other questions?

Call Ethan at 541-778-1211 or visit